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Easter Services 2022


There is a very good reason why on the first Easter Sunday God raised Jesus from the dead. I give it to you in the Bible’s own words: “it was impossible for death to keep its hold of him” (Acts 2.24). Notice the word that is used? ImpossibleAnd here is why it was impossible. It has a message for every person reading this invitation. God was satisfiedPicture a man being released from prison. He’s been there 20 years and now he’s free. Why? He’s served his time. He’s suffered what the law judges to be a sufficient penalty for his crime. Justice is now satisfied. He’s free!

Do you know why Jesus was put to death on Good Friday? He too was suffering a penalty. But not for any crimes he had committed himself. Astonishingly it was our penalty he was suffering. For our sins. The punishment that should have been ours for all our countless offences against God was lovingly taken by him. And God was satisfied. The sufferings of Jesus – borne for us – were perfectly sufficient to meet the claims of his justice. And that is why it was impossible for death to keep hold of Jesus. The penalty had been paid by him in full. Death was therefore commanded to release him. And did so!

Now here is what that means for you. And I begin with that word impossible. Are you doing your best to make it up to God for all the wrong you’ve done? Hoping that by the end of your life you’ll have done enough? You’re attempting the impossible! You can never do enough to put things right with God.
And nor do you need to even try! Through Jesus’ death divine justice has been satisfied. The penalty of sin has been fully paid. Pardon for sin and eternal life are now freely offered to you as a gift! And to receive it? God promises it to all who will turn from their sin and seek, through Jesus, his favour and friendship.
Why not come and hear more? There are special services in our church on Good Friday morning and Easter Sunday morning for that very purpose. We will be holding a Good Friday service at 10.30 on April 15th and an Easter Sunday service at 10.30 on April 17th. You are warmly invited to attend both services.