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Concert of Prayer

31 January 2017 12:38

For a number of years many churches in the West Lancashire Reformed Baptist Fellowship have been meeting at NPEC to earnestly pray for revival in our nation. It has been a joy and privilege to attend these meetings over the past year and join with God's people in seeking His blessing and transforming power for our country and, indeed, the world

One outcome of these meetings is a stronger bond of Christian love between our churches as we unite in a common purpose. Another fruit of these meetings is stronger bonds of brotherly love between individuals; a blessing which was possibly unsought in the planning of the concert of prayer but a most welcome gift from our ever gracious God. As ever, God's ways are past finding out but may it be that a stronger bond between His people is an answer to the very prayers which have been prayed these past years? As our love for each other grows and we build one another up in our faith, is this the means by which the communities in which God has placed us will begin to see our Lord Jesus Christ mirrored more clearly in our lives? Who knows. We can, however, be confident that as our love for each other grows and we continue to stand shoulder to shoulder in seeking to know and do God's will, we are bringing glory to our Lord and Saviour

In addition to the regular meetings at NPEC many other similar prayer meetings are being held in concert around the country. Can I encourage anyone who has not attended to make the time and come to the next meeting. I am certain you will be encouraged and blessed by your attendance. If you cannot attend then please join with us in prayer on these occasions as we humbly ask God to show mercy and grace to our land at this dark time. The false hope offered by secular humanism is widespread and appealing to many in a world which is hurting, fearful and confused. As we know that any hope based on the philosophies and actions of mere men is utterly futile may we all be ready to give a reason for the Hope that is in us

We trust that God will answer our prayers according to His sovereign will and the true Light of the world will work His miraculous and transforming power in the lives of many for His eternal glory