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Welcome to North Preston Evangelical Church

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COVID-19 Information

Now that Covid restrictions have been largely lifted we are free to meet for prayer on Wednesday evenings, to sing, and to dispense with face coverings. We are no longer obliged to immediately vacate the building at the end of services.

In the light of rising infections, however, it is important to proceed with caution.

1. Though the two metre rule no longer applies we will continue to keep a good distance between seat rows. We will continue to use the lounge.

2. You must feel free to wear a face covering if you so wish and not feel embarrassed about doing so.

3. Hand sanitizers and disposable masks will continue to be available.

4. For the time being we will not serve refreshments.

5. We plan on using our hymn books. If you are returning for evening worship it is suggested that you take your hymn book home with you and bring it back for the evening service. An alternative would be to leave it on your seat. When you have finished with your hymn book for the day there will be a table for you to place it on as you leave.

In all of this our desire is to keep people as safe and comfortable as we can whilst being able to enjoy the freedoms that have so long been denied us.

Our full services from the lockdown period are available in audio and video format on our Resources page, from Sunday July 5th the sermon audio should be available during the Lords day and sermon video should be available within 24 hours, please be patient with us if they don't appear quite within that timeframe (Please click on the following Sermons Page link and follow the instructions at the top of the page to access the weekly service videos - Sermons Page)

Check out the information on our website - you can listen to our sermons; you can read our blog page and find out much more about us.

Feel free to contact us if you would like further information or help. If you would like a lift we will see what we can do. If you can't come or just want to ask questions then please feel free to fill in the contact form or give us a ring.

There are also many different things happening throughout each week for old and young alike.


We look forward to meeting you soon