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About Us

A church is not just a building, it’s the people who meet together to worship the One, True, Living and Almighty God.
Our primary aim is to glorify God and then …
  1. To help believers to grow in their knowledge and love of the Lord Jesus Christ
  2. To help believers live Christian lives in the 21st Century
  3. To reach out to the community in which we live with the life-transforming Good News of the Lord Jesus.
We welcome anyone who wishes to worship and serve the Lord with us or simply to find out more about the Christian faith.

What do we do?

Each Sunday we gather morning and evening (10.30 am and 6.00 pm) for worship. Central to our worship is the teaching and preaching of God’s word, the Bible. We also pray, sing Psalms and hymns, and once or twice a month share together in the Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion). Our services typically last about an hour and fifteen minutes.

We invite visitors to join us at the Lord’s Supper if they are believers in the Lord Jesus and welcome at the Lord’s Supper in their own home church. Those who are planning on worshipping with us regularly should only participate if they are baptised believers (either on profession of faith or as infants).

Though we welcome to the Lord’s Supper those who have been baptised as infants, membership of the church is restricted to those who have been baptised on profession of their faith in Jesus.

Applicants for membership (and for baptism) are asked to give their assent to the fuller statement of what the church believes and to the Church Constitution. Interviews for membership are conducted by the church officers.

The church officers are the elders (who are responsible for pastoral care and the ministry of God’s word) and the deacons (who are responsible for practical care and for the building).

Each Wednesday evening we gather at 7.30 for prayer and Bible study. We devote time specifically for prayer for missionaries and for our nation as well as for the work of the church and the needs of our church family.

We have a range of other meetings and activities during the week – coffee morning, mother & toddler group, meetings on Friday evenings for children and young people, and a ladies’ book group. Please ask for details! We pray that God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ will make them a blessing to you.

What do we believe?

There is a lengthy and detailed statement of what we believe as a church in our Church Constitution. The following is a brief summary of the main points. It is borrowed (with thanks!) from the European Mission Fellowship.

We appreciate that the language and concepts may be unfamiliar to you. It will be a pleasure to try and explain them so don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have.

We believe in –

  1. The verbal inspiration, infallibility and inerrancy of the Old and New Testament Scriptures as originally given and their final authority and sufficiency in all matters pertaining to faith and practice.
  2. The unity of the Godhead and the eternal co-equality of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; the sovereignty of God in creation, providence and redemption.
  3. The Lord Jesus Christ as true God and true Man; His deity, incarnation, virgin birth, sinless life, atoning death and physical resurrection.
  4. The work of Jesus Christ in His life, death and resurrection as Representative and Substitute; His atonement for sin thereby securing righteousness, forgiveness and eternal life for all who are united to Him by faith.
  5. The ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ, His intercession at the throne of God, His coming again personally and visibly in glory and power.
  6. The Holy Spirit’s deity and personality; His essential work as the sole Author and Interpreter of the Holy Scriptures and in regeneration, conversion, sanctification and Revival.
  7. The creation of man in the image of God, his sin and fall, the consequences passing to all humanity, extending to every part of human nature and resulting in the universal guilt of mankind before God.
  8. The personality of Satan, his opposition to God and His purposes and his corruption and enslavement of man.
  9. Salvation as solely by the grace of God accomplished by God the Son and applied by God the Holy Spirit; appropriated by God-given faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; and including regeneration, justification, sanctification and final glorification.
  10. The bodily resurrection of the just and the unjust, the one to eternal life in heaven and the other to eternal punishment in hell.
  11. The one holy, universal Church which is the Body of Christ to which all true believers belong.